If you're here, Im guessing you are all these things and more. You...

  • Love being in nature
  • Get stoked on trying new things & meeting new people
  • Are a total pusher of the limits and your limits
  • And you are an unstoppable explorer (both of your outer world and your internal world)

Which is pretty exciting because, Me Too!!

I love the way nature slows things down. It gives me perspective on what's important. It inspires me to be open hearted, creative and in the moment.

When this fast pace world is getting in the way of being the best version of you, its a signal to take some time and reconnect. 

You care deeply about other people but sometimes that makes it hard to hear your own thoughts. And that feeling like nothing your doing is enough has a way of creeping in.  Its important to make space and actually practice doing less. Because...



Have you ever noticed how impactful you are when you feel grounded? Like when you feel clear about who you are and what you're doing everything just kind of seems to flow.

I started Z Adventures was to have a place where all the things I love could be combined.

To create retreats so people who love nature and being in community as much as i do could come together to learn and grow through mindfulness and meditation. 

So thats what Z Adventures is about, letting go of all that extra noise and pressure and coming back home to yourself through nature based retreats. 

Meditation, Nature,  & Community

And I'm Zoe, your wilderness retreat guide! I am here to make sure you have a magical experience and to support you every step of the way. 

How did I end up leading wilderness retreats?

Well, Im going to start with the end, or rather the present. Currently I am a counselor in private practice in Silver Lake, CA. I work with creative freelancers who want to move through blocks and better understand themselves and their relationships to the people they love.

I am also totally obsessed with group therapy! I think it’s one of the best ways to learn about yourself, get input, and feel supported.  I lead a young adult group, an adult process group, and I am in a group for therapists who run groups; I frequently go to daylong workshops about groups, and I am a member of GPALA (Group Psychotherapy Association of Los Angeles).

So yeah, as you can tell I really love groups! 

Before I got my license as a therapist though I got my Bachelors of Science in Outdoor Education. 

I took my degree and traveled throughout the United States and Vancouver Island, Canada guiding backpacking and kayaking expeditions. I worked with adults and youth at risk showing them how to safely experience the outdoors while leaving minimal impact. 

While working as a wilderness guide I saw the incredible healing power being in nature can have.

So, I zig zagged my way back an forth between building a private practice as a therapist and working as an outdoor guide. 

And finally.....

In 2015 I combined personal growth and the wild, and started Z Adventures.

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And seriously, thanks so much for being here.