Escape the City and Explore Your World....

Explore Joshua Tree

You know what it’s like when you put everything into what you do and things pile up to the point where all you can think about is escaping into the desert or the mountains for the weekend? Only to sit down and realize the amount of planning, prepping, and gear gathering you would have to do to make a trip like that happen would just create more stress?

Imagine not having to worry about any of that! Just showing up to a beautiful campground with all your meals planned out and cooked for you. With all the gear you need taken care of and provided.

How amazing would it feel to step out of your tent and start the day off with yoga and meditation knowing that the whole day is designed around helping you feel grounded and clear.


Sound Therapy Retreat Guide

MEGAN DEITZ    Hi, Im Megan and I am a Reiki Master, Sound Healer, and Yoga instructor.  During the retreat I will be using the high frequency sounds of Tibetan Bowls to guide you back to your natural state of bliss. The Tibetan Bowls emit the sound of Aum or Om, and are used for realigning the charkas, bringing clarity to the mind and putting us in a theta brain state making it easier to fall into a deeper meditation. 

Wilderness Retreat Guide

ZOE GILLIS, M.A. LMFT   I'm Zoe and I will be your Meditation & Retreat Guide. I will be planning and guiding you through the entire retreat experience from the time you sign up all the way through to your return home.  If you need anything having to do with logistics, questions, fears or feelings that come up I'm your gal! 

Breathwork Retreat Guide

Michael KASS   Heya! Im Michael and I will be brining storytelling and breathwork to our experience together. Breathwork allows us to acheive a state of deep relaxation by fully oxygenating the body, it signals the brain that it's safe. In this state you may access parts of yourself that have been long neglected. And by brining in story we are able to better understand and integrate our experience.