Escape the city

Imagine showing up to a private campsite beautifully and perfectly arranged for your arrival. Your gear is taken care of and your meal for the evening is being prepared by your own personal wilderness chef. 

Everything is taken care of and no one needs anything from you. You have the time and the space to fully immerse yourself in an experience where you will be guided through meditation, breathwork, and sound to slowly disconnect from social media, your phone, and daily pressure. Then throughout the weekend spend time reconnecting to your inner state of peace through yoga, meaningful conversations around the fire, and solo.

Taking Care Of You

Often we hear the call of the mountains or the desert, but don’t pursue the possibilities. Whether its because of busyness, the pull of other people, or trying to do too much, taking the time to slow down and feel grounded gets pushed aside. 

Everything about this weekend is designed to help you release stress, restore peace of mind, and reconnect with your heart’s desires.

You will be starting your mornings with yoga led by Reiki Master and The Den Meditation teacher Megan Dietz.  Learn how to use breath work to deeply relax and rediscover your story with world renowned speaker and coach Michael Kass. And begin a journey of transformation that will lead you back to yourself with certified wilderness guide and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Zoe Gillis.  

More thAn a therapy session 

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Sometimes we need something big and different to create change in our lives. We need something more than sitting and talking for an hour a week. 

This is an experience where you will be encouraged to push your limits of exploration. To interact with the sights, sounds, and vastness of the outdoors, all with the assurance that the space is being secured by your fellow travelers and trained guides. 

The Details

Dates: October 20th - 22nd  |  Gender: Co-Ed   |   Cost: $850 |  Terrain: Desert|  Activity Level: Easy

After you register, you will receive a welcome packet via email to answer all your questions like what to pack, the schedule, and what to expect.  Then Zoe, your guide, will schedule a 30-45 minute phone call with you prior to the trip. This one-on-one conversation will help you prepare mentally and emotional and answer any questions you may have. You can also find answers to commonly asked questions in the Q&A section. 

Grab a spot before October 1st and get $100 off. Thats $750 if you sign up before October 6th!

Meet Your Guides

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ZOE GILLIS, M.A. LMFT   I am a licensed counselor and experienced wilderness guide, and I will be your meditation and retreat guide – assisting you through your entire experience from the time you sign up through your return home.  If you need anything, have questions about logistics, or even just fears or feelings arise that you’d like to discuss, I am here for you! 

Breathwork Retreat Guide

MICHAEL KASS  I will be bringing the ancient practice of breathwork and art of storytelling to our experience together. Breathwork allows us to fully oxygenate our body, signaling to our brain that it’s safe, and helping us achieve a state of deep relaxation. In this state, we may access parts of ourselves that have long been neglected. The added element of storytelling helps us better understand and integrate our experience. 

Sound Healing, sound bath, Reiki, Retreat

MEGAN DIETZ    I am a reiki master, sound healer, and yoga instructor. During your retreat, I will be using the high-frequency sounds of Tibetan Bowls to guide you back to your natural state of bliss. These Tibetan Bowls emit the sound of Aum or Om, and are used for realigning the chakras, bringing clarity to the mind, and putting us in a theta brain state so that it is easier to fall into a deeper meditation. 

The Investment

The investment for the Joshua Tree Adventure includes, 3 days and a 2 nights stay at a private campground outside of Joshua Tree National Park. The campground is equipped with an outdoor shower and a flush toilet and you gear will be provided and arranged for your arrival. All meals will be included and prepared by our own personal wilderness chef. 

You will receive a half hour phone call with Zoe Gillis, LMFT to support you as you prepare for this journey. In addition you will have one-on-one check ins during the retreat to ask any questions and help you stay grounded.

Throughout the weekend you will be led through inspiring and eye opening experiences by masters in the field of meditation, sound bath, yoga, breath work, and group counseling and healing. 

Total investment for 3 days and 2 nights all inclusive adventure: $850 USD ($750 before Oct. 6th)